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Dear Grassroots Musicians – say hello to a new network created for you, by you….

About The Network

The Grass Roots Music Network brings together a wide range of people with an interest in independent music. This includes artists, labels, promoters, agents, publishers, bloggers, authors, media folk, merchandise makers and more.
Our key aims are:
  • to bring people together to identify ways we can work together to benefit all involved
  • by collaborating, innovating and exchanging ideas, to maximise opportunities to support new music
  • to raise awareness and attract people who can help us to build an exciting future for independent music
Membership of our network is free. Join us!

Our Values

  • We’re a place for learning and collaboration.  We’re not a platform just for advertising. There are other places for this.
  • We are a network working to help one another. We’re not an organisation designed to represent certain people.
  • We are complementary to, not competing with professional membership bodies such as AIM, Musicians Union.
  • We want to learn from experiences from all over the world. We’re not just focused on the UK.

Join us at