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If you’ve been following my thread on NFTs you’ll know I’m fascinated by the phenomenon and also a little confused as to whether they work in conjunction with Creative Commons licenses, which I use on my podcasts.

Following my initial Briefing Document on NFTs and a further contribution with Lucy van Delft regarding minting her life’s work, I tried to get some clarification on any potential discordance between Creative Commons licenses and NFTs.  I couldn’t find any.

So I approached the CC Community on Slack, to see if  anyone had any thoughts on the matter.  It started a lively discussion with Jonathan Poritz and Eric Steuer.

Eric said there was a piece being worked on, in this area, and I allowed him to use my issue as a use-case. The result is that the CEO of Creative Commons, Catherine Stihler, has written an article “At the Intersection of NFTs and Creative Commons Licenses

This article loops in articles on Environmental Impact, Copyright and from the Artists Rights Society, so it’s scope is quite wide-ranging.

Read the full article HERE