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Downloadable List of Radio Articles

It’s just the same old show by Nick Clift. (August, 2021) A Louder than War article on independent radio stations that lists a number of independent radio stations catering to post punk, alternative music and unsigned artists.

Reaching Radio by Sue Oreszczyn & Neil March (Work Hard Playlist Hard, August 2020): Promoting music to radio as an independent artist

The existential threat to the future of radio may be a little exaggerated by Neil March (LinkedIn article, August 2020)

Plugging and Promo for new artists: some do’s and don’ts by Neil March (Fresh on the Net, June 2020)

Promotion Plugging and Playlists: what do realistic expectations look like (Fresh on the Net January 2021). This article  is written by Neil March and Tobisonics .The article is published on the Fresh on the Net website and discusses some of the pitfalls artists can fall into when promoting their music, including Radio promotion. The article is divided into two parts, the first providing useful tips and advice, the second explores in more depth the issues surrounding music promotion.

8 Tips on Using Radio to Boost Your Music Career by Shell Zenner (published on the Musicians Union website)