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Radio Stations, Podcaster, Bloggers and, of course, listeners will want to know where they can find you on the web.  So many artists just rely on a page put together by their record label (if they have one) which may be ok as long as that relationship lasts.  But what if it doesn’t?  Some artists don’t even bother.  Even if you’re one artist on a Various Artists album you need to have your own space.

But….it doesn’t mean you have to commission a website designer or rush to learn coding yourself. There are plenty of options.

Firstly create your own domain.  This means you control your own domain from anywhere between £2 and £15 per year and it’s yours to move around should you want to.

Secondly create your own free blog.,,, and to name a few all offer free centrally hosted spaces where you can add information, pictures, tour dates etc. Plus there’s the obvious places like,, and etc.

Thirdly redirect your domain to your free blog space. So redirects to  No-one need remember the latter web link, just publicise the one you control.

Finally upload information about yourself, your Electronic Press Kit (EPK), your live dates, your videos, and, most importantly, your music so there’s a central place to find out everything about you. Yu can get your record label to link to you!

Then when a new social network comes along and an old one fades (remember Myspace?) then you can create a new “betters looking” location and redirect your domain to that. Simples.