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This week’s tip is based on a recent Instagram post by the musician and BBC Radio 6 DJ, Tom Robinson.

Many people are currently working from home which means office mail has not been checked for months.  So pluggers and musicians, don’t waste money sending hard copies of music to radio DJ’s, only send hard copies if they ask for them.

As Tom Robinson’s sound advice notes:

“….. it’s more important than ever for music creators to make their work available to fans on attractive beautifully designed physical discs. But for Pete’s sake don’t squander those precious products by posting them to radio DJs unless they specifically ask for them….

…..Research is your friend. Target specific DJs/shows that actually play music like yours. There are human beings on the other ends of many of these Insta and Twitter accounts. Actually engage with us on social media about stuff *we* seem to be interested in….  And instead of shouting “Hey – check out my new single!” at us, just ask “what’s the best way of getting a tune to you?” since everyone is different…”

Tom’s Instagram post and associated thread can be found at: