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Listening to music is important, but knowing the reason behind a song, the influences which inspired it, your choice  of musical genre are all important parts of selling your music to a wider community.

You may do this when you’re at a gig when you can see the faces of your audience and can explain to them personally what each lyric means, but do you do this online?

During covid lockdown the chances of telling your stories face-to-face are limited so why not imagine yourself at a gig and tell the story to your phone, your tablet or your computer and upload it with your music to YouTube. Make it a regular feature.

If you’re struggling with mental health issues and this seems impossible right now then go on zoom with a friend and talk about how to make your music. Get comfortable with hearing the sound of your own voice out loud again. Record the chat and see if it makes an interesting topic for your YouTube channel. It may not, but don’t give up. Your personal stories will be fresh to somebody and may be the influence they need to write back to you or share with a friend.