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DSZ#16... Dubstep Chicks....

DSZ#16… Dubstep Chicks Artwork

Following my Briefing Document on “NFT for Grassroots Music Network Dummies” I had an interesting discussion with “Lucky” Lucy van Delft about minting a podcast that she and I worked on collaboratively.  Lucy had provided the artwork and a couple of tracks and I added 6 more tracks from other artists and created the mix that became “DSZ#16… Dubstep Chicks” part of my “Dub Step Zone Podcasts“.

My initial reaction was this was a bad idea as the podcast was already licenses with a Creative Commons (CC) License and, as such, it should not be sold, because it featured other CC licensed tracks from other musicians. But then I came to understand that Lucy was not wanting to mint the NFT for profit, but to create a place for her legacy.

This is a completely different take on what I thought NFTs could be used for, so I asked her to write an article explaining her logic. Click on HERE to read it.

I suspect there will be a lot more to say about NFTs over the next few months/years.