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When you submit tracks to radio stations, streaming services etc. it is vitally important to remember that they are not going to re-mix or re-master your track. So it is important to take the time necessary to perform, produce and master a track to a high enough standard to be playable on the platform you are submitting to. Equally, you do not want your track to stand out to a potential reviewer because of it’s poor quality.

It may seem obvious, but take time to ensure:

  • your vocals are in tune (without exception)
  • your instruments are in tune (you would be amazed how many are not tuned accurately enough)
  • your playing is in time and there are no bum notes, mis-hits etc.

(This weeks tip is taken from Neil March’s book  – The Independent Music Sector 2020 Edition. This piece of advice is based on his experience of listening to a huge number of tracks for Fresh on the Net, his TV and Radio shows and his reviews).