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Everyone has their preferred internet platforms, which is why it’s important to have a presence on all the main ones as you can’t be sure which one potential fans prefer. However, it’s not always obvious what to post or how to successfully use all the social media platforms available. Research here is key. On-line people watching, i.e. observing and learning from others successfully using the various  platforms, is one of the easiest (and potentially fun) ways to figure out how to do things and what might work for you. Observe what successful influencers, musicians and experts in social media are doing, test things out and find out what works for you.

As an example, currently I’m observing and learning from Des Dreckett who offers digital marketing strategies for entrepreneurs. He is currently posting useful tips and tricks for artists and has a free on-line course and Facebook group. You can learn from the tips he posts, but also from the community of people he engages with and from watching the way he is himself using social media.

Suggestions for what to post on social media can be found on Rick Barker’s website  Rick also currently has a free social media training course, that although linked to the promotion of a course you need to buy, contains lots of useful tips.