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A downloadable list of DIY ‘How to’ Guides

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Live Streaming

How to Live Stream Your DJ sets on Lockdown  Grahame Farmer from Data Transmission shows you how to set up a live stream DJ set from you home using your smart phone.
Live Streaming advice, tips and useful links, as well as advice on many other aspects of the music industry, can be found on the blog on the Fresh On the Net website

Starting and running a music business

AIM’s Start up guide to Music Business: A ‘how to’ guide by the UK’s  Association of Independent Music (AIM)  on starting and growing a business and releasing music. Particularly useful if you are thinking of starting a record label in the UK.


How to Build a Successful Playlist a guide by Simon Field

Sofar Sounds Webinar: Strategies for curating, pitching and releasing music to get picked up by popular streaming services and independent curators. Featuring Mike Warner, Flavia and Mike M

WorkHardPlaylistHard: Helpful blogs, book, courses. Covers strategies for third party playlist marketing on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer , Napster and more.


10 ways to get fans excited about your new music
An in-depth guide on how to build anticipation for a new music release, including an example of how family band Walk Off The Earth successfully promoted their single on TikTok and beyond. by CHRIS ROBLEY from CD Baby’s DIY Musician

Promotion Plugging and Playlists: what do realistic expectations look like is an article written by Neil March and Tobisonics . The article is published on the Fresh on the Net website and discusses some of the pitfalls artists can fall into when promoting their music. The article is divided into two parts, the first providing useful tips and advice, the second explores in more depth the issues surrounding music promotion.


The FAC’s  Kitemark: Independent Promoters The Artist-Promoter relationship sets out their required criteria for good practice in the promoter-artist relationship, it also includes an artists guide to booking gigs.

The DIY Access Guide is a guide by Attitude is Everything a UK charity aimed at improving deaf and disabled peoples’ access to live music. The guide provides a collection of ‘top tip’ lists and easy to follow ‘gig hacks’ to help any band, artist or promoter link up with a venue to make a gig as accessible as possible, even if a stage is up or down a flight of stairs.