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Mike Five is a co-host of New Music Saturday with Dr Bones. Mike is based in the UK and also runs artists networking events under the name Riff Taff (together with Ivan R) and runs Lights and Lines a DIY  label and music collective – see below. Mike is also the guitarist of the hard rock blues band 1 In Five

New Music Saturday is a music show broadcast live every Saturday from Canada and the UK from 5pm EST / 10pm UK (ish!) and then available on all the usual podcast apps afterwards.  The show promotes bands worldwide and features brand new tracks by independent bands, interviews, reviews, random music chat designed for music lovers.

Riff Taff runs free entry face to face networking events for independent musicians and people associated with them, enabling them to meet up and connect. Riff Taff also has a Facebook networking group where people can  ask others for advice and get answers based on others experiences.

Lights and Lines is a music collective and DIY record label where the membership if flexible and creative control is shared.